Monday, January 19, 2009

A VERY busy weekend!

Villa Parma

On Friday we were lucky enough to be invited as guests of Sherry's to Peppers Springs retreat in Hepburn where we were treated to a night at Villa Parma. In 1864 Fabrizzio Crippa built his gracious residence on the coach road to Castlemaine. The Lucini Brothers, Pietro and Giacomo, who built the distinctive Macaroni Factory on the same road in 1859, aided Crippa with the construction of the two-storey rendered brick building with dark stone trim. The rooms are just exquisite and very extravagant.... we loved every moment. That night we were devoured an amazing dinner in the Deco Restaurant highly recommend the hot and sour coconut broth with blue swimmer crab dumplings.....yum yum. We drank lots of beautiful wine and were full to pussy's bow with great food. When Saturday arrived we received a fabulous massage and retreat access pass where we enjoyed the hot mineral springs and steam room. Very relaxing, however the relaxation didn't last long, we rushed back to our house packed up the kids and drove to Melbourne for Nikala's 30Th Birthday BBQ. On the way stopping at The Enchanted Closet to drop off some clips and booties. When we finally arrived at Nic's we celebrated by eating and drinking with good friends. With the kids back in the car again it was time to drive to Dani's to stay the night and get ready for Flemingtom Market on Sunday. From a disorganised day came a disorganised market set up, I forgot to take my girly wire mannequin, pegs and paper bags, mental note, need a check list! the sun was shining I was drinking a coffee and people started to arrive...... walking past...... walking past and walking past, whats going on here no one was buying anything. By the end of the day I sold some stuff but was not happy with the results, apparently people in the market know said generally January is not a good month and not to be concerned. Should I give it another go??

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