Thursday, January 22, 2009

Speaking of colour

Yesterday evening I was playing monsters with my little boy, a game he loves, as long as he controls the rules and I can become a nice monster when needed. He enjoys being scared and giggles with delight when I catch him and tickle him all over. Anyhoo while we were playing he decided to arm himself with a long stick that he uses to thread beads onto, (when not being used as an evil souse of pain) unaware of this I continued to play "scary monster" I was on the ground and went to get up, as I did he came forward with the stick to protect himself from the "scary monster" and the stick, yes you guessed it, went straight into my left eye! OMG cupping my left eye in pain, my little boy saying sorry a million times, as I took my hand away I saw blood, however could still see blood, so that was a good sign. My husband (night in shining amour) came to my rescue and off to the doctors we all went. No damage to the iris thank my lucky stars and only a small cut on the inside of the eyelid. Now I have some nice bruising to the upper lid in shades of blues purples and reds. I will continue to play the monster game, but make sure my son has nothing in his hands that could be dangerous to my health.

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