Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Busy to Blog

I have been really busy of late.... I know, that's no excuse not to create a short post, so here's a summary in bullet form.

1. Carson's birthday - Celebrated at the farm in halls gap with family

2. My birthday - Celebrated at Deco restaurant in Hepburn with family, food is amazing!

3. Chicken dies (Lili) - Very sad for our little boy, she will be missed and we thank her for all the eggs she gave us.

4. Chill out festival - Parades, music and friends

5. Riley's birthday - Celebrated with a party on the weekend with all his friends and our family.

6. Sewing madly - for upcoming markets.

I think I need to have a rest~! but like they say no rest for the wicked.

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