Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lavandula and lake

Lavandula harvest festival was ridiculously hot and by 2pm Dani and I were drinking cider and enjoying the music of cat and her boyfriend. We caught up with Emma, Shanka and the kids for a nice relaxing afternoon in the shade sharing stories and wine. After the pack up we were cooling down in the lake with Carson and the kids, so nice and needed. On exiting the lake, ended up flashing a boob at one of Riley's friends dads..... I'm sure he found it as amusing as we all did. Good one Nis!


  1. Ok I'm officially happy we gave it a miss this year...except maybe the wine under the tree ...and the boob...XX ps have you got an evening next week to meet with me and Beck to discuss and idea?

  2. how funny! quite different than our winter and snow-scene her in Norway! That's life :)
    Have a wonderful thursday,